Speaker Proposals Update

The team would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a proposal. The response was, to say the least, overwhelming as we received 200+ submissions and are working diligently to vet each and every one.

Some of the proposals need adjustments before we can make final selections, so we will be sending out a follow-up questionnaire to those of you that we’d like to see more information from to help us complete the vetting process.

We kindly ask that all speakers who receive a follow-up request answer quickly so we can make final selections and announcements as soon as possible. Failure to respond within the requested time frame may result in your proposal being passed over.

2 thoughts on “Speaker Proposals Update”

  1. If we have not heard anything from you about our speaking proposal, does this mean our proposal has been ruled out?

    1. It is extremely premature to make such assumptions. We have only reached out the individuals on proposals where we NEED a little more information and or polishing up. We will be finalizing the selections later this week.

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