CART Services at WordCamp NYC

WordCamp NYC is happy to announce that we will feature Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services for all presentations. These services will be provided by  White Coat Captioning.

CART provides a transcript of a speaker’s words in real-time and makes it available live on-screen and on the web. This will greatly increase the accessibility of presentations at WordCampNYC.

Live transcripts from professional stenographers are most immediately useful to the deaf and hard of hearing, who might otherwise have serious difficulty benefiting from an oral presentation. But beyond that essential service, captions can help all members of our community follow along and retain information.

WordCamp NYC attendees will be able to read live captions via the web on their own personal devices during each speaker’s talk. We will also be projecting  captions onto screens in each room.  After the event, text transcripts of each talk will be available for downloading.

As WordPress fanatics, we value openness, inclusion and accessibility. We hope you like this improvement to WordCamp NYC in 2015!

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