Wapuu is coming to WordCamp NYC 2015! Are you?

wapuu-ESB-NYCHe originated in Japan and has been seen all around the WordPress community including Tokyo, London, Belgrade, Brisbane, Maine and Philly to name a few WordCamps. And now, New York City!

If you don’t know, Wapuu is considered the official open source mascot of WordPress!

WordCamp NYC 2015 would like to thank a few members of the community for their creative contributions to this year’s event:

Thank you to our speaker, Michelle Schulp (@marktimemedia), for welcoming everyone to WordCamp NYC with Wapuu scaling the Empire State Building!

Thanks to Aimee and Jan Tapia of Jaac Promotions in Chappaqua, NY for Wapuu enjoying some seasonal treats…

Wapuu loves the Big Apple


What’s more fun than pumpkin picking?


WordPress tricks and treats for everyone!


Everyone at WordCamp will be getting a sticker pack that includes NYC Wapuus, YAY! (While supplies last, BOO!) Also, feel free to download these and use them as you wish, they’re all GPL, naturally. 🙂

If you don’t have your ticket to WordCamp NYC, REGISTER today. If you are registered, stay tuned for updates, we can’t wait to see you!