Wearing a Costume?

With our Saturday program taking place on Halloween, many of you must be wondering “what’s up with costumes?”

Though we don’t have any Halloween-specific events happening, we are sure the seasonal spirit will be in the air. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to wear a costume, but it is certainly not required.

Scouring Twitter you get a sense that there will likely be many in attendance making an appearance in costume – that is, if they can get it together in time.

Michelle Schulp makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside with her hat of everyone’s favorite open-source mascot, Wapuu! (Can’t wait to see it this weekend in person).

Rami Abraham’s costume should prove to be entertaining as he tries to figure out how exactly to keep the shape of a slice of pizza in place while teaching us how to avoid common WP problems.

There may be some animal costume sightings as well, if some of us can make it happen. Whatever you choose is fine by us – fun and clean, family humor are always welcome.

Get your ticket and join us, as we learn, share and do it up WordPress style this weekend in NYC!