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Thank You!

DSC07171All of us on the WordCamp NYC Org Team would like to say thank you to everyone here this weekend and following along online.

WordPress has a unique community of very cool, kind, and open people. YOU are the reason that we continue to volunteer our time to organize this event.

That said, WordCamp is a community effort – we are not monarchs. Some of us have just organized our last WordCamp NYC. We need new blood, and we hope you will consider pitching in to organize WCNYC 2016! Planning will begin fairly soon, if you can believe it!

For those of you living in the area (or visiting from time to time), please do join our local WordPress MeetUp. We have multiple meetings every month and it’s a great way to stay in touch with your fellow WP geeks.

Once again, thank you to ALL of you – attendees, speakers, volunteers, sponsors, and fellow organizers – who make WordPress absolutely amazing. We’ll see you again soon!

Call for Sponsors

WordCamps are casual, volunteer-run events. Sponsor support for WordCamp enables attendees to experience the event for a low cost; just $20 per day! A low cost ensures accessibility to freelancers, small businesses and anyone who wants to attend.

Being a sponsor gives you an unique opportunity to invest in the NYC WordPress community. The attendees are made up of web-savvy professionals who work in media, publishing, film, music, art, technology, education, health care, financial services, government… you name it. Letting members of our community know you support them will earn you their goodwill.

We have all benefited from using WordPress; now is the perfect time to give something back. We’ve created sponsorship levels to fit every budget from the multinational corporations of midtown to small local businesses to independent freelancers building WordPress themes for a living. Even if you are a small agency, restaurant, magazine, or an individual wanting to give back because you know that WordPress has helped you and your business, we have a support level for you.


  • All sponsorships are donations to the WordPress community and although we try to give a level of promotion based upon our gratitude, none of the outlined points or any level of marketing promotion are guaranteed with your sponsorship. We encourage our sponsors to engage with our community and learn themselves rather than use this opportunity purely for promotion.
  • If you or your company deals in WordPress-derivative works (plugins, themes, etc), those must be 100% GPL (not split license) or compatible, the same guidelines followed on
  • Sponsors may apply for speaking opportunities but will not be guaranteed to speak.
  • Funds must be received before sponsorship is announced.
  • Any excess proceeds from the event are donated to the non-profit WordPress Foundation to help future WordPress events.
  • We are willing to discuss unique or alternate sponsorship opportunities.


  1. I agree that WordCamps are meant to benefit the local WordPress community through live events and the broader WordPress community through the sharing of online video and other materials.
  2. I agree that a WordCamp is a casual, locally- and volunteer-organized event, focused on WordPress and reflecting the local WordPress community it represents.
  3. I understand that WordCamp organizers, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers are expected to support the WordPress project and its principles.
  4. I understand that the principles of the WordPress project include:
    • no discrimination on the basis of economic or social status, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability
    • no incitement to violence or promotion of hate
    • no spammers
    • no jerks
    • respect the WordPress trademark
    • embrace the WordPress license; If distributing WordPress-derivative works (themes, plugins, etc.), any person or business officially associated with WordCamp should give their users the same freedoms that WordPress itself provides: 100% GPL or compatible, the same guidelines we follow on
    • don’t promote companies or people that distribute WordPress derivative works which aren’t 100% GPL compatible
  5. I agree that WordCamps are not-for-profit events, organized with budget and funding transparency.
  6. I agree that WordCamps should be accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of financial status.
  7. I agree that I am not an employee of the WordPress Foundation and am participating in WordCamp exclusively as a volunteer.


WordCamp NYC is dedicated to provide a welcoming environment to everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, or religion. The harassment of WordCamp participants in any form will not be tolerated. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate during a conference event. WordCamp participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the WordCamp without a refund at the discretion of the conference organizers. More details on the WordCamp NYC Code of Conduct.

Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of any great WordCamp. You’ll be helping to make our event run as smoothly as possible, ensuring a fun time is had by all. Plus, it’s a great way to get more involved in the WordPress community! If you’re interested in volunteering, please read the information below, and let us know how you’d like to help out in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer roles will be defined as the event draws closer. Please provide as much information as possible.

Privacy Policy – All information gathered is required solely for the purpose of maintaining effective communication between WCNYC support staff and volunteers throughout the entire engagement.